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Top 7 Saddest Songs In Undertale's OST

I hoped you packed your tissues. You're going to need them for this. I will be talking about the saddest songs in Undertale. These songs are sad in my opinion. Feel free to tell me which song(s) you think is sad. I honestly think Undertale is an amazing game with an amazing OST. However, the game does a good job hitting you in the feels, for sure.

His Theme, omg this song puts you on a feels train. You will hear this track later on in the Asriel fight. After you save your friends from him. If there was a try not to cry challenge and this song comes on, how many of you would lose? Why does such a beautiful game have such emotional songs? The song kinda adds to the emotion of the part of the game for sure. Undertale is deeper than you think once you really dig into it.

Last Goodbye,this is the second saddest song in the game's soundtrack to me. You think the song will be upbeat because of how it starts. Just wait until about 45 seconds in. Those dang solo parts in the song hit y…

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