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Blue Snowball Ice Mic Review

If you are looking for a good mic for YouTube videos, stop your search, this is the mic you need. If you are a small YouTuber looking for a budget microphone, yet good quality, this blog is for you. The blog will have an affiliate link, I will get a small reward for showing you something awesome! I will be explaining why I recommend the Blue Snowball Ice Mic! This mic can help you even if you are not a YouTuber or Streamer.

Let's be real, when you're a small YouTuber or streamer on a budget, it can be hard getting good equipment for your channel. The Blue Snowball is a budget-friendly mic that will give you good quality audio yet save you money. Why spend 100,200 bucks for a good mic when this mic costs like 50-70 bucks ( price varies depending on your country, I'm in the US so it's 55.99) and use Audacity, an audio software, to improve the audio and make it sound like a 100 dollar mic?  I am a small YouTuber. I am extremely broke. I have no money at all to put into eq…

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