Blue Snowball Ice Mic Review

If you are looking for a good mic for YouTube videos, stop your search, this is the mic you need. If you are a small YouTuber looking for a budget microphone, yet good quality, this blog is for you. The blog will have an affiliate link, I will get a small reward for showing you something awesome! I will be explaining why I recommend the Blue Snowball Ice Mic! This mic can help you even if you are not a YouTuber or Streamer.

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Let's be real, when you're a small YouTuber or streamer on a budget, it can be hard getting good equipment for your channel. The Blue Snowball is a budget-friendly mic that will give you good quality audio yet save you money. Why spend 100,200 bucks for a good mic when this mic costs like 50-70 bucks ( price varies depending on your country, I'm in the US so it's 55.99) and use Audacity, an audio software, to improve the audio and make it sound like a 100 dollar mic?  I am a small YouTuber. I am extremely broke. I have no money at all to put into equipment. The mic in my old laptop, before it quit, had horrible quality. I got constant complaints about the quality of my mic (on the laptop) and had no money to buy one. I won this mic in a giveaway and this saved me. I was able to make better videos now that I had a better mic.

Here is a video that I did with the good mic, I was able to make a review with good audio. Here is a video with the sucky mic.  Now tell me which mic is better. 

The mic can be used for anything, commentary, video calls, streaming, console gaming. Just hook the mic into the USB hole in your computer and make it the default audio device on your computer. Right click on your speaker and go to 'recording devices.' Click on the Blue Snowball and go to 'set default.' It's fairly easy to set up. 

I suggest you get a mic stand because the legs on the snowball aren't too stable. Here is a stand that can go on your desk.  I also suggest a pop filter so when you say certain words you won't hear the accent. Like when you say a word that starts with 'P' for instance and you can hear that. I don't know how to explain it. The pop filter is so you won't hear a 'pop like' sound when you say a word that starts with 'P.' 

I highly recommend this mic for anyone. Budget or not. YouTuber/Streamer or not. Think about this,  you want to land a job and may have a Skype interview, you want to be prepared for an interview over video chat. The built-in mic on your computer does not have the best quality. You're going to need a good mic so whoever is interviewing you can hear you clearly. You may want a job that involves having a good mic. Anything you can think of! Even though I won this mic, I am still glad I won it and want to share with you on how awesome it is.