Want To Get Into Photography? Here Is What You'll Need

Photography is a fun thing to get into, however, there are going to be some things you will need in order to do this more professionally. This blog will contain affiliate links which means I will get a % of the earnings when you buy any of the products I show you. It will not cost extra.

I am going to be covering the things you will need. I recommend buying these things little by little and slowly build your equipment.  

Get Yourself A Camera

As much as your phone has a good quality camera, it has limitations with storage space, depending on how many GB your phone has. I always have storage space issues with my phone and have to delete something. You never want to delete your work. You always want to save it. My rule of thumb with electronics is spending at least 300 dollars. Anything under might have limitations or break easily, poor quality etc. If you're an artist on a budget, you can't afford your stuff breaking, you're better off saving your money. I would save up my money for a good camera and it lasts than to buy a cheap one that only lasts a few years. Phones do not get good photos of the moon. Trust me on this. Phones don't always get good quality photos at night if there is no good lighting. 
Get Yourself A Lens

A lens allows you to get better zooms. Where you can zoom in closer to the thing you want to photograph. You will also need a lens to get clear shots. Let's look at a photo of the moon I took with my phone.


This is a horrible photo. This is what a phone camera does verse if you have a camera with the right lens. If I wanted to land clients this photo would not cut it. You want to be professional. Let me ask you. If you had to hire someone to take photos. Person A showed you a clear photo of the moon and person B showed you the photo above, who will you hire? Person A right. Photography is an expensive gig. You want to be as professional as possible.

Get Yourself A Camera Bag
You need something to store your camera in to keep it safe. Especially if you travel a lot, you wouldn't want it to get broken, damaged etc while being transported to where ever you're going, right? Having a bag for your gear will make traveling easier for you. Or to store your camera when you're finished with it. I wouldn't leave my stuff lying around like that. It could fall and get broken.

Get Some Lighting
Lighting is very important if you're going to be doing photo shoots. The people wanna be able to see clearly what you're trying to shoot, and cannot see it clearly if its dark. Lighting can benefit you in more ways than one. This can come in handy if you're a cosplayer and may not have time to shoot in the day time. Or if you want to be a photographer a school contracts. You really will never know when you may need lighting, you wanna be prepared.

Get A Computer

You will need a computer to load your photos on once you take them, now hear me out, I get we are on a budget, I get money is tight, jobs don't pay enough etc. If you want a good computer, you need to spend at least 300-500 dollars, anything less than that most likely will quit after a few years, you will need at least 8GB of RAM, to hold your photos. At least the latest Intel Core processor ( i3,i7 etc) I also recommend a laptop because for those who travel, you can load the photos that you took after you're done taking photos for that day, as you cannot take a desktop everywhere. You also want to edit your photos to make them look more crisp and clean. I used Canva to edit my photos.

Yellow Flower Close Up

This photo is not edited.

edited version flower

Here are some photo editors that you can use.
Photoshop (PC)
Pickmonkey (phone and PC)
Canva ( PC and phone)
Lightroom ( Phone)
Pixler ( Phone and PC) 

Get Yourself A Tripod,  and SD Card

Having plenty of storage is important. You want at least 2GB of storage on an SD card. Also, when transferring your photos to your computer, all you have to do is take the SD chip out of your camera and insert it into your computer and that's it. No USB cables needed like when you're transferring photos from your phone. You can use your phone to get started. If you're serious about photography, you gotta improve your gear if you want high paying gigs. Tripods make life easier. You may be a cosplayer and don't know any photographers to do shoots or can't afford to pay one. If you have a tripod, you can do your own shoots. Same principals apply with being contracted to photograph student pictures.

You may know someone who wants to be a photographer and have no idea what to get them, well stop your thinking, I just helped you.
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