I Am Taking Art Commissions

I make blender renders. And I have decided to commission photos for some of you. A commission is when you ask an artist to make a photo for you. Say, for instance, you want a photo of a tree, you will ask an artist to make you a tree photo and the rates depend on the artist.

My rates are fairly reasonable. Rates start at 20 dollars depending on what your request calls for. I will discuss a final price with you after I know what your request will require. I will require an upfront payment to avoid being scammed. I will do a speed art video as proof I did your request. I will do half and half payment where you pay half when you contact me and the other half after I send you the render. Here is my Portfolio. This is my Instagram. This is my Twitter. This is my Deviantart. This is my Facebook. I did a speed render, you can check that out here. 

Also, I am doing speed art on my YouTube channel. Here is a speed render that I did. 

I do speed renders once a month. You can keep the image that I did. 

  • Please, no NSFW. This will go on YouTube and my social accounts and not all social sites allow NSFW, especially YouTube since they are in another adpocolypse. Tumblr changed their rules back in December and they do not allow NSFW anymore.
  • Give me a draft of what you want. You can show me an image someone else made for example. ONLY as an idea of what you want. 
  • I do 3D art, which calls for XNA posing program and blender. Make sure your request can work for these programs. 
  • Please be patient. I will have a line of people in front of you and I also have a life. Don't spam my messages with 'are you done with my image?' 
  • Payment will be via Paypal or via Cryptocurrency. We will talk about it when you message me. If neither works for you, you can sign up for the reward tier on my Patreon. 
  • I do the following fandoms Undertale/Deltarune, Resident Evil, Life Is Strange, Telltale Games series. I am open to doing other fandoms
  • It would help me out if you linked me the model(s) that you want in your request and the pose you want them in. You can check Deviantart there are plenty of model porters on there. Make sure the models(s) work with XNA posing program and Blender! You can also send the background you wan used. Make sure it's royalty free or the creator is OK with it being used. You can get copyright free images on sites like Pixabay.
  • Check my Redbubble store in case I made a render that you already want. It will be easier for you to buy it from there. 
Once I made the image for you, you can share it on your social profiles make sure you indicate that you commissioned the image and link one of my profiles. I prefer you message my social media accounts for a faster response. I can answer a DM quicker than I can an e-mail. The image will have my watermark on it and yours.
I am looking forward to working with you. I felt it's easier making a blog post about it and I will make a video about it on YouTube in the future. 

I thought it will be easier to talk about my commissions on a blog post than a long social media status. You can fill out the contact form on my home page if you have any questions. 


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